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Foundation level students are inquisitive, constantly experimenting and always discovering new and wonderful opportunities and adventures. They develop an interest in learning and begin to further their understanding of the world.

With growing self-awareness, these students develop their confidence through observation and explanation. This curiosity and persistence brings a development of problem-solving skills and the eagerness to enhance their knowledge.

Organisational skills and learning strategies are developed as students expand on communication and observational abilities. They have a desire to express themselves creatively and an enthusiasm to grasp new information.

Independence and the development of the academic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic is gained through work on sole projects. While teamwork builds the skills of communication, cooperation, empathy and leadership.

While reaching an enhanced level of competencies and becoming more independent, Year 4 students also develop a growing understanding of the world, building on their problem-solving skills, concepts, processes and techniques throughout their studies.

While exploring new information and experimenting with ‘real’ world tools, these student can strengthen their mental and physical skills with ease when approaching learning activities and knowledge building tasks in all learning environments.

Being active and successful learners, Year 6 students make informed decisions, and can relate to and communicate well with others. They are also encouraged as they show confidence in their abilities to seek answers to challenging questions.

Presented with new challenges that are application based and practical in nature, these students develop their abilities to integrate into an advanced learning environment, being motivated to manage their own studies.

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